3 Free Photoshop Alternatives

3 Free Photoshop Replacements

If you follow the Tro-Boro technology Initiative’s posts on Facebook or spend any amount of time on the Internet chances are you’ve heard about Adobe Photoshop, the industry standard in digital image editing software.

But what if you are just starting out with digital image editing or don’t want to spend $650 on Photoshop CS6? I’ve got you covered with my 3 favorite (and free) Photoshop alternatives.

PIXLR Editor If you’re familiar with Photoshop then you’ll find PIXLR a familiar, solid alternative for most image editing tasks. For even more photo editing goodness like effects, borders, and overlays be sure to check out PIXLR Express and PIXLR O-Matic

PIXLR is browser based and will run on Windows, Apple, and Linux computers. It is also available for phones and tables through the Apple Store and Google Play.


Paint.NET is another application that has the familiar look of Photoshop, supports layers, and is an overall decent Photoshop replacement. It also supports plug-ins and there are a variety of tutorials available for it online.

Paint.NET is available for Windows only.


GIMP might not be as intuitive as Photoshop but it has been the number one image editor on Linux systems forever and is packed with impressive features.

GIMP is available for Linux, Apple, and Windows computers.



PicMonkey While not really a Photoshop replacement, PicMonkey dubs itself as “Photo editing for people who have a ton of creativity but no time for learning software.” and I had a lot of fun with it when trying out the various features.

I encourage you to try out each one and let me know what you think, or if you have a favorite Photoshop alternative that wasn’t listed.


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